Why Does The FBI Not Prevent Mass Shootings

Why Does The FBI Not Prevent Mass Shootings

Time and again mass shootings happen in the United States. Why, precisely, is not explored other than the availability of legal firearms (as if criminals wouldn’t go to a black market if they were in search of a weapon).

As it happens just about every time we experience one of these mass shootings, the shooter is on the radar of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The FBI was aware of the potential threat posed by the Tsarnaev brothers who were responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings, they were warned and had investigated the Muslim terrorist who shot up the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and they kicked the guy out of a field office in Alaska before he boarded a plane to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and then shot several people after he landed. And let’s not forget the many warnings to law enforcement about the Parkland High School shooter that went ignored by everyone, including the FBI.

To be fair, there is not a lot that can be done against someone who has not committed a crime… If acting weird or being stupid were a crime we would need to build a whole lot more prison space than we currently have to hold everyone.

As much as the anti-gun liberals would love to blame the Colorado shooting on a Trump-supporting white supremacist, we find it’s the same story, just a different day where a Muslim shooter, known to be unstable and violent, went on a shooting spree. The FBI had been alerted to the potential danger he posed, family members thought he was crazy, classmates thought he was a danger and the shooter even had a previous criminal conviction for violence.

Colorado has become one of the most anti-gun states in the country in recent years and even has a Red Flag law that the liberals love so much that allows family members to report someone to the police as a potential danger and have their guns temporarily confiscated… It’s a reverse due process law where someone is deprived of their property and then given the chance to get it back if they can prove they are not a threat… I don’t think that’s exactly what the founders had in mind when they spoke of due process but hey, it’s not like anyone cares about the Constitution anymore… At least not when ignoring it suits their needs.

The mainstream media is downplaying terrorism here because it doesn’t fit into the media narrative and politicking of the day. The shooter was an anti-American immigrant who was also anti-Semitic. The facts at hand affect Jewish Americans (a minority group) in a big way. It seems that Jews, as a minority, aren’t the right shade of minority. Getting the real story exposed about the Colorado shooter proves that we now have state-run media, where government enforcement and public messaging are altered for consumption. The facts should shake every American to their core. This terrorist carried out a jihad mission. He traveled out of his way to target the Jewish community. The supermarket was the go-to Kosher-friendly supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. The market’s service to a large population of religious customers was not a secret.

The mainstream media does have an agenda with all of these shootings, and it is not just racial. The narrative is designed to con Americans into giving up guns out of fear, not just display members of one group or another as victims… Unfortunately, only law-abiding “sane” American’s will surrender their guns… Criminals and the mentally ill could care less about laws… This will leave everyone vulnerable to the criminal lunatics and likely turn millions of law-abiding citizens who refuse to surrender their weapons into felons overnight…

Some things just can’t be legislated… How many of you heard Beto when being pressed on how he would confiscate millions of guns from Americans say that he believed American’s were good law-abiding citizens and that he believed if the law were passed Americans would do the right thing and turn their guns in? Kind of made me wonder why we don’t just pass a law making it illegal to kill one another… Wait, nevermind… We have one of those called murder… I guess there is no reason to surrender our guns anymore… LOL

Perhaps more would be accomplished if the laws we already have in place were enforced and law enforcement took people who warned them about potentially violent people seriously… Thoughts?

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Joe Warren
Joe Warren
April 2, 2021 8:18 pm

Whenever I see “Known to the FBI” I think “Handled by the FBI”