Why Pelosi’s Removal Of America’s Past Racial History From Congress Might Be A Good Idea

Un frickin believable! This cancel culture is getting downright out of hand and I hope come November the American people send these liberal democrats trying to erase our history a firm message that we will not stand for this!

In another complete act of idiocy… Which of course is nothing unusual where Nancy Pelosi is concerned, Speaker Pelosi ordered several portraits of former House Speakers removed from the walls of Congress… Why? Because they had connections to the Confederacy or advocated for slavery.

No one with any intelligence or decency today supports or approves of slavery and while it is a terrible part of American history-as well as the world’s history-it is our history and we should not remove such history as part of some ridiculous attempt to cleanse our past.

America should be proud of the changes we have made over the years and recognize that there were different societal norms 50, 100, 200 years ago. We can not and should not try to hold people in the past who played a vital role in getting us to where we are today to our standards today… If we are going to make purges like that, then perhaps we should purge the Democrat Party… After all, they were the party of the Ku Klux Klan… The original hood wearing, negro lynching, cross burning all around horrible human beings… Not only by today’s standards, but even by the standards of their time…

While we are at it, lets remove everyone still serving in the congress over 65-70 years of age… After all, in their youth blacks were made to drink from seperate water fountains, use separate bathrooms, the public use of words like negro and worse were commonplace and acceptable… Don’t believe me, watch some old 1950-1960 era news broadcast…

Where were all these self righteous members of congress back then? I’m sure Nancy Pelosi was raising hell chastising all of her snooty San Francisco socialite friends back then… I’m sure if she had walked into Johns Hopkins when Ben Carson was drinking from the negro fountain using the negro restroom that Nancy Pelosi would have walked in and demanded she be treated by the black doctor and drank from the negro water fountain to set an example for the other racist pigs of the day… I think not… Let’s remove them all from Congress now! It’s long past time for Pelosi to retire and she represents a reprehensible generation of white America that we should all be ashamed of!

The four former House Speakers whose portraits have been removed are Robert Hunter of Virginia, Howell Cobb of Georgia, James Orr of South Carolina and Charles Crisp of Georgia.

Nancy Pelosi ordered the portraits removed after failing to have the statutes removed from Congress because she cannot remove them on her own.. It requires an act of the entire Congress… But if purging the Congress of the ugly part of American history is what the Democrats so desperately want… Let’s give it to them! Now get out Democrats!!!

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