Wisconsin Mayor Tells Trump He Won’t Tolerate Ignorance, But Overlooks Important Fact

The Mayor of Green Bay Wisconsin where President Trump had a scheduled visit to decided he had a moral obligation to the woke liberal community to write the President ahead of his visit to make sure President Trump knew what they would and would not tolerate from him…

Mayor Eric Genrich who is so obviously butthurt over his failure as a politician in life is furious that some orange man with a funny looking toupe (liberal ignorance, not fact) campaigned for and was elected by the people as the 45th President of the United States… To be fair I can understand how this would make him angry knowing he spent his life in politics running for one office or another only to end up sitting in Green Bay, Wisconsin as a Mayor while some guy with political views he can’t stand gets a Rock Star reception by the people in his city… God he must feel like a small little man… I might feel bad for him had he not made his pompous self-righteous childish letter to the President public.

I found one particular sentence in the Mayor’s letter to be rather ironic coming from him… Mayor Genrich boldly states in his letter warning President Trump that his city does not “Tolerate intolerance or wilful ignorance.”

Now one could argue based solely on this letter that it is the Mayor who is being intolerant and not welcoming or very hospitable… Those things could be subject to debate for sure… What the Mayor definitely overlooks when making that statement in the letter he sent the president is that he is not just a willful idiot, he’s a wilful tool of the Democrat party… If he is right and the people of Green Bay, Wisconsin do not and will not tolerate “willful ignorance,” he had better start packing his bags because they will be booting his dumb ass at the door and through the goal post…

If the Mayor of my town wrote ANY president of the United States a letter like this regardless of their party or my feelings about them they would without question get my vote to evict them the first chance I had to cast that vote. Dissent and civil debate as is American as Apple Pie and Baseball but so is showing at least a modicum of respect to the office of the Presidency. If the Mayor had differences with the President then fine, address them with the president but to publically send such an arrogant letter to the President the day before he visits your town, chastising him and implying that he is a racist bigot who has no concern for the people of America is uncalled for. We MUST get away from this idea that because we disagree with another person’s political views that that makes the other person an evil unpatriotic person… They may be stupid and uninformed, but generally speaking they believe they have the best interest of the country in their hearts…

This arrogant pompous Mayor goes on in his letter writing the following:

““The challenges we face as a community, state, and country are immense, and they have grown only more immediate with the spread of the coronavirus, the tragic deaths of nearly 125,000 Americans and the incredibly harmful impacts this virus has had on our economy,” he continued.

“In addition, we are all grappling with the need to combat racism and violence in all their forms. This moment calls for honest, empathetic, and courageous leadership, and I ask you to exemplify these qualities tomorrow and in the days ahead.”

These people constantly calling the President a racist bigot should be ashamed of themselves and while it was no secret he lived the life of a Billionaire playboy in New York City through the 80’s and early 90’s, no where in his past or present is there any indication or evidence that he has a racist bone in his body… In fact he had quite a reputation for helping blacks and other minorities when no one else would and he has even received praise and awards from the likes of Jesse Jackson and Don King in the past…

The President has also made it a point to do as much as possible to help the black and minorities in America since he was elected… Prison reform, opportunity zones, permanent funding for historically black universities and colleges, and he even pardoned the first black heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson who died a convicted felon… His crime… Traveling with a white woman… Celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and boxing champ Deontay Wilder had petitioned President Obama to pardon him and clear his name but he refused… It was President Trump who didn’t hesitate for a second… It doesn’t take a long time to debate if someone should be pardoned because they got caught traveling with a white woman in a era when blacks were actually treated bad. President Trump is NOT a racist…

The Mayor’s letter ended with this arrogant passive-aggressive statement:

“If you have the inclination to do any of these things, please know I will support your efforts, regardless of our very real political differences.”

I’m not sure who this Mayor thinks he is or where he thinks he derives his power to tell anyone what they can or cannot say much less where they can or cannot travel to… How pompous can one person be?…

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Vic Anderson
Vic Anderson
June 26, 2020 5:28 pm

May 0rwell hit the goalpost rail.