Wisconsin Sheriff Recommends Criminal Charges

The 2020 general election was easily one of the most contentious elections in the history of the United States.

It is also turning out to be the most contested.

Per American law, the states themselves are responsible for election integrity, and as the months have passed since November 3, 2020, the American people and the world are seeing the facade of honest elections unravel as investigations reveal the true depth and breadth of the fraud.

In Wisconsin, a county sheriff did some digging on voting irregularities at a nursing home and is now ready to formally charge five of the six members of the state’s election commission with criminal offenses.

[Racine County] Sheriff Christopher Schmaling has recommended criminal charges against five members of the Wisconsin Election Commission, including election fraud charges after Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul failed to conduct a statewide investigation into WEC’s decision to suspend the Special Voting Deputy process required, according to a media release.

So, it is not just the election commission that failed, but the state’s attorney general.

Sheriff Schmaling named the five commissioners as Margaret Bostelmann, Julie Glancey, Ann Jacobs, Dean Knudson, and Mark Thomsen. Robert Spindell, Jr., a Republican appointed to the committee, was the only commissioner omitted from the referral to County District Attorney Patricia Hanson.

The announcement comes after Schmaling and lead investigator Sgt. Michael Luell held a press conference alleging that the WEC broke the law when it suspended special voting deputies (SVDs) from going to nursing homes to assist with voting and opted instead for the regular absentee ballot process. Special voting deputies are appointed by local election clerks to assist with voting, according to the Wisconsin Examiner.

Schmaling claimed that through the regular absentee ballot process, residents of a Mount Pleasant nursing home were then illegally coerced by staff into voting. Schmaling pointed out that some of the residents are cognitively impaired.

Truthfully, this is an ongoing problem nationwide, and many Americans who have families in nursing homes are well aware of it. In addition to coercing adults with dementia into voting, the election commission people will accept ballots in the deceaseds’ names.

Luell also presented a case where a woman placed a complaint after learning her deceased mother voted in the November 2020 presidential election after passing away in October. In the affidavit filed with the WEC, the woman accuses the residential care facility her mother lived in of taking “advantage” of her mother’s “diminished mental capacity and filled out ballot(s) in her name.” Her mother was a resident at Ridgewood Care Facility.

That is plain and simple fraud.

There are many issues involved in stealing the 2020 election for the regime squatting in the White House. The nursing home aspect of it is just one. However, it is being addressed by local law enforcement when the state governments refuse to act.

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