WOKE Support Ends In Disaster For Starbucks

WOKE Support Ends In Disaster For Starbucks

Crime doesn’t pay when it comes to doing business in cities with little or no police help. That’s the core of the message from the CEO of Starbucks, the coffee company with invasive baristas all over the American landscape. He and the team have decided that sixteen locations in five American cities are simply too dangerous to remain open.

Howard Schultz said ‘America has become unsafe’ after he announced that 16 stores will close in several left-leaning cities across the country because staff are being attacked and reports of drug use at the popular cafés.

The cities set to see closures include the company’s hometown of Seattle, as well as four other liberal-run municipalities – Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Portland, and D.C – where crime rates have soared due to woke policies including police cuts…

Schultz warned that this is ‘just the beginning’ of store closures and said there “would be many more” as staff fear for their own safety amid a rise in crime, homeless, and people with mental health issues.

In two leaked video excerpts of Schultz speaking at an internal meeting, shared by Ari Hoffman of KVI-AM talk radio in Seattle, Schultz said he was shocked to hear that one of the primary concerns of their retail partners is their ‘own personal safety.’

The reported disruptions include drug use by paying customers and, more often than not, members of the publicwho often take advantage of the company’s open bathroom policy, which allows nonpaying patrons to use their facilities.

As a result, the bathrooms have in large part devolved into dens of debauchery, regularly used by vagrants and homeless to do drugs and engage in other illicit behavior.

That alone would discourage most customers, let alone staff who really do have a right to work in safe conditions.

If this is just the beginning, the coffee carnage as a result of woke policies has begun. That being the case, where are the woke among us going to get their morning joe?

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Larry Folds
Larry Folds
July 21, 2022 2:12 am

Not only does his coffee suck, his buildings suck!

July 21, 2022 7:26 am

Mediocre coffee ar ridiculous prices

July 21, 2022 8:30 am

All the support and money they gave to BLM didn’t save them huh? That’s what they get for being UN American!