Woman Refusing To Wear Mask Not Expecting This Response From Police!

If the “conspiracy” crowd (in another time it was known as common sense) is proven right about masks, there will be a whole lot of apologizing going on.

Prior to the age of COVID-19, mask-wearing in public, at least in the west, was simply not done without a medical reason to do so. Nowadays, breaking century-old norms, we’re told the opposite is the case. And that being the “new reality,” anyone who bucks the current paradigm is subject to ridicule that came out of questioning the Warren Commission’s findings in the public execution, oops, assassination, of President John F. Kennedy.

Such individuals are slapped with the label “conspiracy theory” followers.

This has happened in Australia, where a woman in a shopping center was being berated by police for not wearing a mask, and she filmed herself arguing with them while claiming “It’s not a law.”

The woman was asked if she had a medical reason for not wearing a mask, and she returned fire:

“I don’t have to tell you that”.

“I’m not prepared to give them (her details) to you… no, we are not committing an offense,” she responds to the officer.

The pair of police officers came back with:

“The issue is you are committing an offense. You are required by law to provide a name and address,” the officer states.

To which the woman responded:

“It’s actually not Commonwealth law, you don’t know what you are talking about it… I know what I’m talking about, I am telling you the truth,” she responds.

She asked the police if she was committing a crime, and they answered yes, and at least one network in Australia has labeled this woman a “conspiracy theorist.”

All because the COVID-19 virus, unlike previous viruses of the same size that passed right through fabric like a mosquito through a chain-link fence, is apparently known to remain trapped with all the carbon dioxide, bacteria, and other viruses behind the fabric or paper of a mask.

And we little people aren’t supposed to question this, or we believe in conspiracies, theory or not.

Got it.

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