Women Of MSNBC Come Unhinged

Women Of MSNBC Come Unhinged Over Senator Tim Scott’s Rebuttal

Crazy Uncle Joe Biden addressed…well, by invitation only, a “joint session of Congress” Wednesday night, and, as usual for such an event, the political opposition had an opportunity to rebut what the man had to say.

On Wednesday, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina had the honor and spoke about the voting laws in the state of Georgia.

Defending Georgia’s voting law, Scott said:

“I’m an African American who has voted in the South all my life. I take voting rights personally. Republicans support making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. And so do voters. Big majorities of Americans support early voting, and big majorities support voter ID, including African Americans and Hispanics. Common sense makes common ground. But today, this conversation has collapsed.”

Scott continued:

“The state of Georgia passed a law that expands early voting; preserves no-excuse mail-in voting; and, despite what the president claimed, did not reduce Election Day hours. If you actually read this law, it’s mainstream. It will be easier to vote early in Georgia than in Democrat-run New York. But the Left doesn’t want you to know that. They want people to virtue-signal by yelling about a law they haven’t even read.”

As usual, the talking heads on MSNBC had a problem with a black American pointing out just how he is not disenfranchised or oppressed by common sense voting laws and regulations.

Nicolle Wallace had this to say:

“This is a speech delivered from a planet where facts don’t matter, which is where the current Republican Party resides. So it’s not really his fault. But it is his responsibility to get his facts straight. He said this, Biden inherited a country that had already rounded the bend on COVID. Four thousand people a day were dying in January. So I don’t know again on what planet we had rounded the bend. And Operation warp speed didn’t do anything to get a needle into an arm. So a lot of disinformation. It felt almost scripted by someone close to the president who wanted that revision.”

Rachel Maddow said, “President Trump?”

Wallace said, “Correct. I think the most reprehensible thing in the eyes of clear-eyed people of any party about the Georgia law, The reason Major League Baseball left isn’t that it makes it easier to vote in Georgia than in Democrat-run New York is again — if your so proud of a lie tell the truth about it. The lie would have removed Republican Brad Raffensperger from a decision taking place. So it’s just disingenuous to say the law is so good. We’re so proud of it. If it’s that good, Major League Baseball wouldn’t have moved their game. So it wasn’t true, in my view, was the biggest flaw.”

And then Joy Reid chimed in:

Reid said, “I was surprised, to be honest with you. This was standard Republican pabulum. This could have been delivered by Tom Cotton or Mike Lee. I’m not sure what his purpose was. His audience to me appeared to be conservative white Republicans who are angry over certain things, of cancel culture and the same sort of cultural nods that we hear on Fox News. And he was out here to throw them a lifeline. It was disappointing. He had an opportunity to really speak about his work on the, you know, on the George Floyd Act and what he’s trying to do to offer his own amendments to it. He didn’t. He just came out and talked about the amendments he tried to offer before which were seen as inadequate by mainstream people involved in trying to do criminal justice reform, saw his previous bill as inadequate yet it failed a cloture vote.”

She continued, “He said nothing about the work he wants to do on this act for which I’d just given him credit before he started speaking in which he’s getting credit from Democrats who are working with him. People see him as trying to be genuine working on criminal justice reform. And he came out and lied about the Georgia bill saying it’s easier to vote in Georgia than in New York.”

Reid added, “I am shocked and a bit embarrassed for him. This was a lost opportunity. Tim Scott has an opportunity to make his mark on criminal justice reform, and this ain’t going to do it. This wasn’t it.”

Amazing how the women of MSNBC have no clue that the people out on the fruited plain can see through all the smokescreens the mainstream media throws up when it comes to all sorts of issues.

Tim Scott said what the people needed to hear whether they like it or not.

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