Young Women In Crosshairs Of New Draft Bill

Young Women In Crosshairs Of New Draft Bill

It has been decades since the United States has had any sort of compulsory service in the armed forces. Following the conflict in Vietnam, the draft, as Selective Service was called, was so unpopular, it was soundly discontinued.

With the new National Defense Authorization Act passed by the House of Representatives and currently awaiting passage in the Senate, the selective service is back in the American political landscape, this time with a shameful addition. The language in it about who can be drafted is vague to the point that it would include young women aged eighteen to twenty-six right along with the men.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri has attempted to have the language amended to specify gender in the bill, but there is no indication his effort was successful.

Other Republicans are speaking out against women being part of any sort of draft.

Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri spoke out against the measure on Wednesday morning.

‘Using women as a chess piece in a political “equality” argument is not only misguided but is insulting to our female population,’ she wrote on Twitter. ‘Claiming their inclusion in the draft would prove “equality” is ridiculous.’

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas told reporters Tuesday, ‘God bless that woman if she wants to go serve in the military and is prepared to fight. That that is a choice that is available to her. But I’m the father of two daughters. The idea that the government would forcibly draft them, and put them in a place where they would be engaged in combat against a man who the statistics demonstrate is likely to have significantly more body mass and significantly more body strength? That’s not fair.’

Conservative groups have also stood against the reform.

‘There is nothing hindering women’s ability to volunteer and serve in the military, so there is no need for this dangerous and unnecessary draft mandate contained in the NDAA,’ public policy organization the Family Research Council tweeted Tuesday.

Women aged eighteen to twenty-four are also in prime childbearing years, and putting them in close proximity with men would likely result in fewer people eligible for combat overall. Many would end up on maternity leave.

What the purpose of including women in the draft is is anyone’s guess. It really is an idea that should be shelved for more reasons than not.

The video below is probably the most eloquent testimony before Congress on women in combat roles and the draft by General Robert Barrows USMC in 1992… He led Marines in three wars, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam so he has some idea what he is talking about. His testimony should be replayed for Congress every time they get these ideas.

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November 18, 2021 1:07 pm

There’s so many genders it might be a fatuity to specify. For example, a biological guy might opt out by identifying as a woman. Having promoted gender dysphoria the top military brass is well aware of this conundrum and, in its wisdom, is keeping its options open,

November 18, 2021 1:11 pm

The Dems pushed for the ERA to be passed decades ago. If it had passed back then it would have required women to be drafted. I think that is one reason it did not pass.