Youtube Censors Strike Again

Youtube Censors Strike Again

The war on sharing information and ideas is ramping up now that the truth about a number of issues is surfacing.

One such issue is the linking of vaccines, not just COVID shots, but vaccines long approved by the Federal Drug Administration, to a variety of life-long health and wellness issues. Information has been available for some time on the topic, but until this year, the concept has been dismissed as being in “conspiracy theory” territory.

On Wednesday, one of the Alphabet, Inc., social media platforms, Youtube, announced that such information will no longer be allowed on that site and that popular channels that discuss the topic of vaccine injury will be removed.

Examples of content that won’t be allowed on YouTube include claims that the flu vaccine causes infertility and that the MMR shot, which protects against measles, mumps, and rubella, can cause autism, according to YouTube’s policies.

The online video company owned by Alphabet Inc is also banning channels associated with several prominent anti-vaccine activists including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Joseph Mercola, a YouTube spokesperson said.

So, thanks to a 1986 law that bans Americans from suing the vaccine manufacturers for injuries in open court, not only are the vaccine-injured (and their parents) denied justice, but now the discussion of the matter is being throttled by social media platforms which are supposed to be all about free speech.

A press email for Mercola’s website said in a statement: “We are united across the world, we will not live in fear, we will stand together and restore our freedoms.” Kennedy did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The moves come as YouTube and other tech giants like Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. have been criticized for not doing enough to stop the spread of false health information on their sites.

False information in this context seems to equate to disagreeing with the government’s messaging on the matter.

Banning and censoring the topic(s) will not stop the flow of information. Those who disseminate it will find another way.

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